4 Sheet Masking Mistakes You Might Be Making

I love using sheet masks. What better way to end the day than with a relaxing and soothing face mask? Most times I would slap one on and catch up on my latest tv show. Once in awhile though, after a long exhausting day, I would turn up my music with my face mask on, and just sit back and forget the world for a moment. Ah, such indulgence 🙂

My skin always feels so soft and smooth the next morning. However, when I first started sheet masking, I made a few mistakes that prevented me from getting the results I wanted even though it seemed pretty straightforward. Here’s hoping you don’t make the same mistakes too!

1. Not Prepping Your Skin Properly

You should always apply your sheet mask right after you have cleansed and toned/serum-ed your face. You wouldn’t want any dirt or grime mixing with all that essence goodness!

2. Leaving It On Too Long

I used to do this for the longest time because after the mask’s recommended time, I’d find that my mask was still drenched in essence so I’d leave it on till it felt drier.. This actually causes the dry mask to suck moisture back out of your skin. I fell asleep once with a sheet mask on (relaxed too much haha!), and woke up with 2 pimples on my cheek. I can’t say for sure that there’s a correlation, but I definitely won’t be trying that again.

3. Washing Your Face After

This!! Singapore’s climate is so hot and humid, my face always feels so sticky after applying a sheet mask that I would wash it right off. Don’t do this! You’re actually washing away all the benefits and goodness of the mask. Instead, keep patting your face or use a jade roller to remove any excess essence and help your skin absorb it better so it won’t feel so sticky. Don’t forget your neck as well!

4. Forgoing The Rest Of Your Skincare Regime

Again, me. Because my face felt sticky, I didn’t see the need to apply more stuff to my face. But it’s really important to at least apply moisturiser after using a sheet mask so as to lock in the essence from it.

After correcting my mistakes, I’ve gotten so much more out of my sheet masking sessions. I hope this helped! Enjoy pampering yourself 🙂

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