Places to eat in Yangon

I can’t wait to be back in Myanmar, and this time it will be to stay! I shall write about my favourite places to eat and hope they haven’t been too badly affected by the quarantine imposed due to the pandemic.

  1. Rangoon Tea House
    A little overpriced for food in Yangon but still cheaper than Singapore. I love their steamed pork belly buns (kong bak pau)!! Perfect ratio of meat to fats. It is heavenly. Actually I’ve tried most of their dishes and have no complaints. It’s the best place to start if you want to try local cuisine without the fear of food poisoning that comes with streetside food haha. The traditional tea that they serve according your sweetness level is pretty interesting and they do it well.
  2. White Swan Bakery
    Lovely restaurant in a beautiful white mansion with affordable prices. I always eat upstairs (indoors because aircon) by the window that overlooks their estate and Inya Lake. We were actually considering hosting our wedding here, but as beautiful as their landscaping is, it wasn’t big or open enough for us. They do western food well enough here, and service is always impeccable.
  3. Locale
    Yummy healthy food and freshly squeezed fruit juices without syrup (burmese like to add syrup even though they claim it’s just freshly squeezed juice). It’s located at Central and next door there’s this super good ice cream that tastes exactly like hokkaido ice cream that I can eat almost every night because it’s that good and I’m a glutton.
  4. 999 Shan Noodles House
    This is located near Bogyoke Aung San Market, the most popular street market in Yangon. Shan noodles is one of my favourite burmese dish. You can have it both dry or with soup, and it’s so flavourful. Add chilli and you have the perfect dish.
  5. Nara Thai
    Their food is decent though a little pricey. Their soft shell crab in yellow curry is to die for. And their desserts! I have tried them all and each time, my mind is blown. Can’t wait to visit this place again!

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