5 Tips On Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work

As my husband is currently in Myanmar and I’m in Singapore, we have been apart for close to 4 months now. Borders are still closed and likely won’t open till July. This is the longest we’ve ever been apart from each other, and it’s tough. I miss him so much. Facetime helps but it’s the uncertainty of when we’ll next see other that gets me down sometimes. We actually planned on going our honeymoon this year but I guess that’s down the drain. I’m just thankful that we procrastinated (as usual) in booking flights and accommodation. Hopefully we’ll get to go someday soon! For now, let me list some tips that has helped us in the past and are relying on more than ever right now to get us through this trying period.

1. Text each other good morning/good night messages

I don’t know if this works for everyone, but for me it helps to start or end a day knowing that your other half is thinking of you. Granted, there are days where we get so caught up with our own lives that we just fall into bed without texting but more often than not, we always make the effort to send a short text.

2. Keep Yourself Occupied

When you’re busy, you have less time to mope around pining for him and feeling sad. As I’m unable to travel for work now and I can’t work from home, I’ve been enrolling into online courses to keep myself busy. I also love that I’ve been reading a lot more.

3. Update Each Other

You don’t necessarily have to schedule in a video call to update every single minute or type out everything that has happened to you if that’s not you. You can send each other random texts or photos of what’s happening around you that either made you think of the other, or just wanting to share a moment with them.

4. Video Calls

Having said that, it makes a huge difference when you video chat compared to just texting. It helps to see the other person’s face, to see his smile, to hear his tone when he’s recounting his day. Just make sure you aren’t distracted and are really listening.

5. Have The Same Goal In Mind

For us, it’s to buy our first property. Whatever we do now, it’s to work towards that goal together. So even though we can’t plan when our honeymoon or my move will be due to the pandemic, we can still work hard to earn and save. With a common goal, we will constantly talk about our plans and keep each other motivated.

Most importantly, trust and have faith.

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