Places To Get A Decent Massage in Myanmar

All massage parlours are still not allowed to reopen for business in Singapore. So while I can only dream of getting good burmese massage now, I shall list out all my go to massage places in Yangon.

Hla Lifestyle Wellness Centre

Prices here are pretty steep compared to other places, but it is worth every penny. The staff here are well trained and treat you like royalty. I’ve been here more than 10 times since they’ve opened, and have gotten a good massage every single time. Please try this place out if you’re in Yangon and want a place to pamper yourself silly! (Price ~ SGD45/hr)

Muguet Japon Day Spa

This is a more affordable place for a good massage but if you prefer a lighter touch, you may experience hit or misses here. The masseurs here tend to use a harder than normal pressure so just be sure to let them know your preference! (Price ~ 25/hr)

Tony Tun Tun Beauty & Spa (Golden Hill)

Cheap yet doesn’t skimp on any frills nor the quality of massage. Because they have a hair salon next door, I usually get a massage followed by a hair wash #purebliss (Price ~ SGD12/hr)

*All prices are from memory and may have changed since.

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