Tried and Tested Eye Creams

“Do we really need eye cream?” – Me, 24 with no wrinkles.

But I swear the moment I turned 25, all my lines, freckles and sun spots started showing. So let me list the ones I’ve tried and tested! (Disclaimer: I have dry and sensitive skin, but I’m lucky to not have developed any oil seeds/milia while trying some pretty rich eye creams)

1. SES Nano Eye Gel

This was my very first eye product so I had no basis of comparison. I thought it did a pretty decent job simply because I didn’t breakout. However, what I didn’t know was that it wasn’t moisturising enough for my dry dry skin. When I suddenly started flying more frequently, my eyelids was peeling because of how dry my skin was.

2. La Mer The Eye Concentrate

This came highly recommended by my colleagues and one of them had a 20% discount so I decided to give a try – I mean, anything to save my skin right? It felt and smelt so good to apply, it’s like a rich cream but is actually very light and was absorbed quickly. I think because my eyelids were already cracked and peeling, hence I felt some stinging sensation when I first started using it. I want to say I love it but I felt it still wasn’t moisturising enough for me especially when I’m constantly subjecting myself to harsh dry aircraft air. And for its price point, it was hard to make a repurchase.

3. This Works Light Time Open Eyes

I liked this because of the metal applicator. I love how soothing and refreshing it was to apply the eye cream with it. This was less moisturising than La Mer but more than SES.

4. Babor HSR Lifting Eye Cream

I chanced upon this German brand two years ago during one of my trips to Frankfurt. I had a friend with me who swears by this. So naturally I had to give it a try. And it’s still one of my favourite eye creams! It’s rich enough to be perfectly moisturising yet it absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging it. I also use it on my chin and in the crease of my nose as I tend to get dry and red there and it works like a charm.

These are all the eye creams I’ve tried since I was 25. Now that I’m turning 30, I might have to venture into trying out more anti aging products..

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