Road Tripping in Scotland and the UK

The loss of my honeymoon plans and our intended 2 week road trip in the States this year has me reminiscing about my past travels with Bill.

Slightly more than two years ago, we took three weeks off work and decided to explore Scotland and the UK. We went during winter because that’s Bill’s favourite season. I was surprised most of our days there were pretty sunny! Usually the weather can be overcast, windy and rainy, but it held up when we were there so #trulyblessed.

Our most memorable drive was when we drove up to Inverness. We stopped so many times along the way just to admire the scenery. Our 3 hour drive became close to 4 hours but we had so much talking and laughing like the best friends we are.

Apart from the glorious scenery, we found the most amazing airbnb in Edinburgh. It was cosy and spacious, clean and tidy, and our host Linda was the most lovely lady ever. We enjoyed ourselves immensely exploring Scotland with her place to call home. Those were really one of the best days of my life.

Every time I read the news and see how the pandemic is affecting the UK, my heart feels so heavy. I pray this will all be over soon. Stay safe everyone!

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