Top 7 Things You Need When Migrating To A Developing Country

I will be moving to Myanmar to be with my husband, Bill, soon and even though I still have a few more months (I hope!) to go before the big move, I have been researching and planning non stop about the things I would need to settle in as comfortably as possible.

I’m moving into his bedroom that is already furnished albeit like a bachelor’s pad, it greatly reduces the list of things to bring, though being a developing country, they have far fewer resources so the following are the things I can think of to help make the move as smooth as possible for me!

1. Skincare

I have sensitive dry skin so I only use tried and tested products that I know work for me such as Kiehls, Sulwhasoo and Babor. These brands aren’t readily available or are overpriced in Yangon. I also bought an organiser and it makes my bottles looks so appealing, really helps motivate me to put on my skincare every morning and night.

2. Clothes and Shoes

I know it seems stupid to add this but there’s a reason: in Singapore I usually wear shorts and slippers and summer clothes all year round. However, not only is Yangon a more conservative society, they have a cold spells that a girl like me from the tropics won’t be able to stand without proper clothing!

My parents-in-law are also more into appearances, not in a bad way, but different from how I usually am – no makeup and casual wear. So I have bought a few dressier heels and dresses to try and fit into their lives a little more đŸ™‚

One of Yangon’s major export is textile, but their markets are mostly flooded with their traditional wear, longyi. Which is why I chose to get my stuff from Singapore first.

3. Portable charger and adaptors

I included adaptors for those of you who are moving to a place with different plugs but luckily for me, Yangon and Singapore are the same. Unluckily for me, Yangon’s electricity is volatile and unpredictable. So having a portable charger is a must!

4. Portable USB Fan

This is so small and convenient to bring around with you wherever you go. Just plug it into your phone and you have a brief respite from the many heatwaves Myanmar and the surrounding countries tend to experience.

5. Contact Lenses

I have really bad eyesight so my contact lenses can’t be bought over the counter and has to be ordered in advance. So I’m gonna be bringing at least 1 years worth to buy myself enough time to find a reliable optician there. It may be overkill, but I’m the queen of procrastination..

6. Medication

Now I don’t normally take medicine even when I’m feeling unwell or suffering from menstrual cramps/headache, because I don’t want to become reliant and believe in a more ‘holistic” approach and usually try to just get more rest and drink more water. However, occasionally when I do have to, this is where having my stash of medication around will come in handy.

7. Mosquito Repellent Device

Every time I’m in Myanmar, I always get covered in bites by the end of the trip DESPITE using mosquito repellent patches, mosquito coils and mosquito sprays. This time I will be bringing this item and hope like crazy it will work. I hate waking multiple times during the night to the annoying buzz of a mosquito hovering nearby waiting to suck the blood outta you!!

These are just some of the things I can think of for now. Might update with more items closer to the move!

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